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Nov 5, 2009 7:00am EST
79%. north dakota, one company, 89% in fact, across america 94% of markets are not competitive. we need real competition to lower costs. we need the choice of a public health insurance option. >>> not every in new york is cheered out. still some folks out there. welcome back to "the early show." takes big morning for us. we have an old friend here who has been missing for the last couple of months. julie is back. as you know, she's a new mom. we'll find out what has been going on with julie. >> i saw her in hair and makeup. she looks fantastic. she's the gold standard of fantastic. >>> also this morning, a new h1n1 health warning. if up the flu, how much you you weigh may determine how sick you get. a new study show as large number of obese h1n1 victims are nding in the hospital. we'll have all the details on that. >>> there's had this other piece of news this morning and as i have said so on which, are you in fact, a doctor, the vet friday naer medicine. what is this about a cat? >> it came out yesterday that an h1n1 was confirmed in a pet cat in iowa. this cat lived in a home whe
Nov 5, 2009 7:00am EST
would happen when we took a bag there one of the busiest airports in america, new york's laguardia. i grabbed a bag belonging to a woman from michigan. she was willing to let me take to see if anyone questioned me. nobody did. i walked right out the door. were you you surprised he was just able to walk off about your bag? >> yes, very. it was very easy. >> reporter: one of on you producers was able to walk off with a bag of a willing passenger at a small aerpt in burbank, california. >> if i was on the phone texting, could you just take it and i'd be like totally missed it. >> reporter: and i went back inside to baggage claem at that guard i can't and tried again. this time take taking the bag of a passenger from rhode island. she knew i was taking it, but, again, nobody stopped me, even though this was the second bag i grabbed in less than ten minutes. >> it's alwayses in back of your mind that there's really no like security when you're walking out. >> reporter: it's the airlines, pot the airports,hich are responsible for the safe dwlifrp arrive your bag, but this cost cutting move,
Nov 12, 2009 4:30am EST
>>> making news in america this morning. >> flu deaths. h1n1 has killed thousands more people than first thought. did experts underestimate its power? >>> not done yet. what's left of ida has turned into a powerful nor'easter, looking to drench much of the east coast today. >>> and under arrest. mike tyson taken away in the back of a police car. it's thursday, november 12th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us on this thursday. we begin with the battle against the swine flu. new government figures to be released soon showed that the flu is taking a much higher toll than we thought. >> by the latest estimate, the virus is rampant. on this map, states with widespread flu activity of colored in brown. that's swine flu activity. but how bad is it? viviana hurtado joins us with the latest numbers. >> reporter: good morning. these numbers are especially alarming because the vaccine continues to be in short supply. the h1n1 swine flu has killed more people than previously thought. 4,000 americans have already died from the virus. that's more than three-times an earlier es
Nov 22, 2009 9:00am EST
working to feed the hungry. in america millions of people who need help can bank on it as barry petersen will report in our cover story. then it's on to the rest of our menu. turkey may be the center piece but what to serve all the other days of the year. serena altschul has one idea. cheesy do it. for chef bobby flay the burgers they call sliders are a small miracle. >> when it comes to making a great burger, size really does matter. and sometimes big burgers are just too much of a good thing. so take my advice and think small. think sliders. later on sunday morning, we're going sliding on the griddle. >> osgood: still crazy but increasingly legal. that's one way of describing the classic american beverage or tracy smith has been tracking down. >> reporter: moon shine was once only available from certain nocturnal entrepreneurs. >> you worked at night and slept in the daytime. >> reporter: but now white lightning gone legit. later on sunday morning, moon shine. still crazy after all these years. >> osgood: good chemistry of the on-screen sort is the key to success for any tv chef and is
Nov 26, 2009 7:00am EST
thanksgiving, america. >> yeah. >> we're thankful you're with us. i'm bill weir. with kate snow. robin and diane are elbow-deep in stuffing right now. so happy you could join us. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. we have all your parade coverage this thanksgiving morning. check out this shot of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that's right here in new york city. more than 3.5 million people expected to line the streets. and sam champion is live at america's longest-running parade. that's the ikea thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia. we'll check in with him in a few. >>> also here in new york, melissa rycroft will be showing us the newest floats. where is she? >> i thought she was the letter "d" for a second. >> she's going to bring all that. >> i think spider-man was asleep on the streets. >> that's one of the new ones. >>> also, for all of you cooking this morning, getting ready, our food editor, sara moulton, is ready to answer all your turkey questions. it's turkey 911. or 411. i guess it's 911 later in the day. you can tweet us your questions. or go to, our web
Nov 26, 2009 7:00am EST
the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that nois not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. ♪ ♪ some eggs right here. withr the sausage you follow. ♪in' ♪ ♪ aaannd, heeeere, it is. yea dad, maybe tomorrow we could just talk? oh, sure sweetheart. ♪anything for you. jimmy dean fully cooked sausages. all of the taste, none of the prep. >>> this morning, security breach at the white house. the wannabe reality stars who crashed the president's state dinner. who are they? and how did they get past the secret service, in what is supposed to be the most secure place in the country? stores going all-out and staying open all night, as black friday begins earlier than ever. and online deals like you've
FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 4:00pm EST
's because it became a black eye in america's reputation in the world. i don't quantity to play games but that is nothing that obama administration did. >> gregg: congressman brown, mark kirk who is running for the senate he opposes the idea to bring them to the united states in part because he thinks he is going to make illinois a terror target. i talked to a national security expert who has been in the years. he laughed at that. he said look, are you kidding me. terrorists go for high value targets, big places like new york and washington as we saw on 9/11. they're not going for a town in 500. he laughed and said, are you kidding. that is going to be among the safest places in the world because there is only 500 premium. am i right? >> that was the first thing i thought of. terrorism is about the unexpected. major impacts from this. if there is going to be one safe place in america, it will be that town. >> gregg: congressman brown, it doesn't make sense in many ways? >> you are misconstruing what mark kirk is saying. he is saying it's going to bring terrorist attacks to america, li
Nov 21, 2009 8:00pm EST
, and for the millions who have no coverage whatsoever, this is a critical moment. this is the united states of america and there are certain things that you should have a right to. one thing is certain. you should have a right to decent health care, to be able to see a doctor when you need it. that is what we are attempting to do with this bill. that is what we have done for the very first time in the history of our country, to have a health care plan that will serve all the people of our nation. nothing less than that is our objective. we have begun that journey. i am as confident that as i stand before you with our leader, that we are going to accomplish that goal. before this journey is over, we will have passed national health care coverage for all americans. >> i cannot think of a better vote to have right before thanksgiving i think the american people, when they learn what is in this bill, will be very thankful that we are moving ahead. make no mistake about it. this is a momentous vote that we just had tonight. it is a pivotal vote. as we now move ahead in the debate and the amending process,
Nov 1, 2009 9:30am EST
america is doing. we're saving yo $150illion over the next ten years in healthare. you're going to have no eexisting condition be an object. we have met the preside's rk. that was tough. and guess wt? the public opti has ce rawing back, and even though the senate is going to put that in their bill -- >> i don't tnk it's going to get through with all tha there's a lot o peoe in the democratic party, we tked to a lot of them, they weren't supportive of a public option. the 1990 pag dument, i'd love tonow how man on capito hil have red it. the goal of ncy pelosierself is, 90% of citizens in health care. >> that is not true. i can't lethat go b on about 1 million people qualy to be inhe public opon. at she said was our bil covers 96% ofhe american people. almost everyone wille in their own employe based healt care. >> not employ option but some form of government controll healthare. >> bonnie: that's it's! >>> from hlth to home. women may beaking gains in the workforce. but wh it comes to household anchors, even children sll -- anchor -- chores, even children sll believe it's a woman's do
Nov 25, 2009 7:00am EST
sausages. all of the taste, none of the prep. >>> good morning, america on this wednesday, november 25th. and this morning, breaking news. toyota set to announce today, it will replace the gas pedals on millions of america's most popular cars, after our reporting on pedals getting stuck in floor mat, causing deadly accidents. >>> the great getaway is under way. with america taking cheaper routes home this year, we're live on the roads. and sam has the weather trouble spots for you. >>> we take you inside the president's first state dinner. from the menu. to the music. to the dress so many are talking abou >>> walmart and amazon faceoff. duking it out for your holiday dollars. just how low will they go? >> donny and kym. >> and donny osmond is crowned "dancing with the stars" champion. the three finalists have flown all night to dance one last time for you, live in times square. >>> and we do say good morning, america. i'm robin roberts, live here in washington. chris cuomo, there in new york. diane has the morning off. and, chris, i've got to tell you, undoubtedly, the state dinner last
Nov 13, 2009 7:00am EST
. the british prime minister talk about what america the allies could provide. and the beautiful game turned ugly. bond era it is that the stone- throwing crowd as they meet egypt for a key world cup qualifier. it is 7:00 in washington. barack obama is beginning his push for a bigger american role in asia and in japan, coming to the end of a busy day on his first asian tour as u.s. president. he has been holding talks with the japanese prime minister, trying to smooth ties between the two longtime allies. from tokyo, here is our correspondent. >> president obama arrived in japan still a dependable friend of the u.s. but more assertive than before. this is only the second time in half a century that an american president has had to deal with a prime -- japanese prime minister not from the liberal party. once a different relationship, -- yukio hatoyama once an equal relationship. >> there are many various practices, new issues concerning the safety policy and the systems. if you would need to be rebuilt into this agreement. >> we have to understand the future of the united states and asia is i
Nov 24, 2009 11:35pm EST
in america. we want in every part of a big city, every remote town, access to affordable good food. we're america, we're the country of plenty. we certainly have it. we must demand it. we have to. >> reporter: you have a bully pulpit and you intend to use it. >> yeah. i got a big mouth. >> reporter: it's served you well so far. >> yeah. well, i hope that it helps. i'm not going to shut up until we make a dent in it. >> she's fighting for a great cause. best of luck to her on that. thanks to cynthia, as well. >>> and when we come back, thanksgiving every year brings a travel headache for millions of americans, but we've got the "nightline" guide to surviving the long road home. t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t] jeep. knowing reality isn't captured by a hidden camera. it doesn't come in episodes either. you see i don't live to live through anyone ever. so while everyone waits to see the next best this or an unbelievable th here's the reality. there's no rerun when your living in the now. so while you tune in i'll be somewhere getting out. i live. i ride. i am. jeep. right now 1.2 million
Nov 30, 2009 9:00am EST
of tax dollars to depend america in my point of view. >> what are we looking at in afghanistan? >> reporter: today the white house and the president himself is briefing key allies. he has a briefing with the australian president -- he is doing a tell conference with prime minister gordon brown, also to brief him on exactly what his new afghanistan strategy will be. he met here last night, and there was one final meeting, almost more of getting everybody on the same page type of meeting, making sure they are all saying the same thing is what the president will say tomorrow night. he has a tricky proposition. he has to talk domestically, particularly to the base who are very uneasy about the idea of escalating the war int 1200 >>> he can buy time with the folks that are war weary. >>> last but not least, the party crashers from the state dinner, should they press charges? they want a full review how they got through the security check points and into the white house uninvited. two senators are calling for the couple to be charged. trespassing or lying to an officer seem to be the
Nov 23, 2009 7:00am EST
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, november 23rd, the radiation scare at the three mile island nuclear plant. 150 workers evacuated and we're live on the scene to tell you how it happened. >>> senate showdown on health care. this time, will the democrats fight each other? will they wrap it up by christmas? we have some answers on health care this morning. >>> the doctor in the michael jackson case goes back to work today seeing patients and a tearful show of support. >>> and television without oprah? gayle king is here to tell us why her best friend decided to end the 25-year reign of her show. >>> and "twilight" mania, gigantic box office, young girls and their moms. does this prove no sex is really what sells? and good morning, america. welcome to thanksgiving week. diane sawyer here with robin roberts. and we have been talking about that radiation leak on three mile island that caused real concern over the weekend. >> real panic in some ways. 20 workers were exposed to radiation and had to be decontaminated. while the company in charge says the public was never in any
Nov 23, 2009 8:30am EST
it is to come back again. and now time has flown. and we're at the eighth. energy in america national policy conference, and what an honor it is to hold this annual review and think about where we're going in renewable energy in america here in the cannon caucus room. thank you for coming, and i hope you enjoy this day. i want to start by thanking the sponsors that have helped us produce the conference, ge and dow corning and next era energy and verizon. and believe it or not, that's the symbol of the danish embassy, the embassy of denmark, where we'll have a reception this evening. and thanks to ambassador peterson for being our host for that. it's a great place to go from here to think about where we're going next in copenhagen. and all of the other sponsors, berlin and smud, lockheed martin is in our space, the largest government contractor in the world, clean edge and ethanol biomass and biodiesel, all these other companies helped produce this, and we thank them. to begin, let me remind us that the theory of this conference is called phase ii, and what does that mean? well, in 19 -- in 2
Nov 9, 2009 11:00pm EST
of america's most beloved celebr y celebriti celebrities. >> he would sit on me. >> secrets we would never believe unless we heard it from their own mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room. >> shocking and heart breaking. >> my mother would say no, joe, you're going to kill him! >> whitney houston stunned america when she confessed about her devastating drug use with now ex-husband, bobby brown. >> you were free casing cocaine. >> yeah. >> your drug of choice was weed with cocaine. >> rock cocaine. >> she dropped bombshells about her with bobby brown and how abusive their relationship was. >> eyes were looking at us. >> secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillips's revelations to larry king about her incestuous relationship with her father, john phillips. >> all i remember is arriving in the room, getting high and during a blackout when you are not in your body, you come to and i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> mackenzie's book high on arrival revealed the details of this dark secret she had carried for 31 years. >> we need to talk about how i use
Nov 27, 2009 4:00pm EST
and in many -- and not to, i mean, america's not free of any responsibility in pakistan's lack of development by supporting military dictatorships and what not. so the conversations with the elite were too easily predictable, if you will. and i think that when i first arrived in pakistan, a woman o said to me, a very conspiracy-hawking anti-american woman -- >> host: your sponsor, by the way. >> guest: the irony of that, of course. she said, there's no way that you, you know, there's no way that you is going to understand pakistan because you don't speak the language, you don't dress locally, you don't ever leave islamabad. a year later when i would rather speak with the tea boys at my office than the other fellows who were working at this institute, and she said, she came up to me and said there's no way you can be a journalist. you speak urdu, you dress locally, so you must be doing something else. >> host: wherever there's plumbing the cia does get blamed. [laughter] i think it essentially was right, nick. sometimes word fails us, vocabulary doesn't reach. but you could call
Nov 25, 2009 2:00am EST
on. the diplomacy and highlighting the best of india and america is what you see in her fashion. and you see this in the menu choice as well. this is a very modern, elegant gown. >> and the white house kept under wraps, until the very minute when she came out to greet the prime minister. >> the white house was very good about keeping everything secret. we heard more about afghanistan that about this. they were very disciplined about keeping best. but that is always the case with what the first lady is going to wear. the east wing is letting us know. >> let's get a look at what the first lady is wearing. they greeted the prime minister and his wife early on this evening. on the front entrance of the white house. [no audio] [no audio] [inaudible] >> present arms! ♪ >> president obama and first lady michelle obama and greeted india's prime minister singh and his wife earlier this evening. festivities are underway. talking what -- talking to us this evening about this. beyond the dress and the coronation, the logistics of the flowers, what type and color of flowers, the linens, th
Nov 11, 2009 6:00am EST
, may god bless our soldiers, families, and the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman, the chief of staff of the army, general george casey. >> good afternoon. president and mrs. obama, governor perry, governor doyle, secretary gates, secretary shinseki, many distinguished members of congress from the state of texas and across the country, secretary of the army john mchugh, admiral and mrs. mcmullen, families and friends -- it is a tradition in our special operations units to go to the book of isaiah went eulogizing fallen comrades. proud of their willingness to accept any challenge for this country, at the funeral they read," then i heard the voice of the lord saying, "whom shall i send? and who will go for us? then i said," here i am, send me." this passage conveys the sentiment that applies to every member of our army. it gives voice to a spirit of service that lives in every soldier. it is a spirit we saw in the 30 soldiers who gave their lives here, men and women who believe in the values and ideals this country stands for and men and women who willi
Nov 25, 2009 7:00pm EST
of america, these negottions will not yield the kind of the nd of results that we are looking r. true, weould have hoped at the unitedtates of america wod have been more ambitious than whait has indicated. >>eporter: india is also one of the wod's largest producers of greenhouse gas issions, but is a relative newcor to an industrialized onomy. saran sa the country has concerns that a climate agreemencould stifle economic develoent. >> for us, climat change is not just a sepate issue, it is intermixed with our developmental, yoknow, issues itself. so how we balance,ou know, the problem of climate changeith the other stresses and strns that the count is going through as is process of social and economic transformaon, we wou hope that there is soe understanding of that challee that we face. >> reporter: mntime, a series of studies releed today in the british medil journal "the lacet" could give another boos to advocates of addrsing climate change. the studies fnd that cutting carbon emissions couldave millis of lives-- mosy by reducg the number of deaths from hearand lung diseases. >> climate ch
Nov 19, 2009 6:00pm EST
.com. >> what makes us an engine for the economy? plants across america. nearly 200,000 jobs created. we see beyond cars. and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the senate geared up today for the real battle over health care reform. democratic leaders hoped to get their new bill to the floor-- nearly 10 months after the process began. "newshour" health correspondent betty ann bowser has our lead story report. >> this is a big bill it affects everybody in america. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid and fellow democrats edged closer today to moving a 2,000-page health care reform bill to the floor for debate. >> we all acknowledge this legislation is a tremendous step forward. >> reporter: reid unveiled the legislation last night with final cost estimates from the
Nov 4, 2009 7:00am EST
>>> good morning >>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, november 4th, republican rebound. democrats lose big in governors' races in new jersey and virginia. what does this mean for president obama? we're live with the bottom line. >>> tragic end. the search for three missing college students. how did the softball players end up at the bottom of a pond? >>> hollywood custody fight. why is sandra bullock locked in a bitter battle of custody of a 5-year-old girl? who is fit to raise this child? >>> and an allergic reaction to your husband? we'll meet a woman who discovered on her wedding night that her husband makes her physically ill. it's a medical mystery and we take you there. and good morning to all of you. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this wednesday, november 4th, 2009. >> of course, we now have the results interest those three big races last night. good night for republicans. in new jersey a state president obama carried by 15 percentage points a year ago jon corzine loses to chris christie. the first republican governor there in more than a decade. >> in virgin
Nov 25, 2009 11:00pm EST
of new jobs in secure clean energy sources that are made in america and work for america but in the meantime we are looking for ways that we can start reducing this threat right now. last friday i saw some of you at the white house state briefing that i hosted with lisa jackson the administrator of our environmental protection agency. at that briefings we talked about many of the steps my department is taking in this area for funding research on the health costs of greenhouse gas emissions to investing in committees to help demaris fanta climate related disease, to slashing greenhouse gas emissions and are owned buildings. this is not an afterthought for my department. this is a key part of our broader health strategy. wore and more we understand that health is not something that happens justin doctors' offices. whether you are healthier not depends on what you eat and drink, what e bright, how you get around and where you live. a world that is heating up and powered by coal-fired plants that filled the sky with harmful greenhouse gas is going to have fewer healthy people
Nov 11, 2009 1:00pm EST
. >>> on veterans day we salute all troops serving our country and thank america's veterans for that service. >>> some people are asking should women in the military be allowed to go into direct combat? you recall the civilian police officer sergeant kimberly munley, an outstanding officer, the one who rose to the occasion and confronted and shot the ft. hood gunman. she's appearing on "oprah" today. a recent article says the best way to honor her heroism is to drop the ban on women in combat. the article points out there are 10,000 female personnel in iraq. 4,000 in afghanistan. they are driving trucks. treating the wounded. shooting when attacked. more than 100 gave their lives in iraq and another 15 died in afghanistan. the article says the no combat policy pretends women can't take such risks without harming overall military performance. earlier we asked people on one of our cnn tours today their thoughts on this. >> i think the policy is right. women are in many situations that are not physically capable of combat military task. i think women should be allowed. those women with the capa
Nov 3, 2009 12:05am EST
's -- and therefore america's -- favorite doctor. he has a very popular new show called "the dr. oz show." dr. mehmet oz. also tonight, a band from new york. their new album "diamonds and studs" came out today. morningwood from the bud light golden wheat stage. tomorrow night, james marsden. from "the middle," 11-year-old atticus shaffer. and music from flyleaf. thursday night, jason schwartzman, rod stewart. and on friday, our annual halloween special with paris hilton and slipknot. good time. join us then. [ applause ] >> jimmy: as dr. oz will almost certainly confirm when he gets out here, there are few things more painful than a double elimination. it happened tonight on "dancing with the stars." joining us now via satellite, the eighth and ninth castoffs from "dancing with the stars," melissa joan hart and professional snowboarder louie vito. [ cheers and applause ] hello, melissa and louie. you guys look rather good together. maybe, you should have danced together. maybe that's where it all went wrong. >> that's next season. we're doing that next season. >> i see you dumped your partners. that'
Nov 8, 2009 11:00pm EST
-all seen today on good morning america. >> tonight, whyry anna got back together with chris, then finally walked away. was it wrong for her to speak out just as she's promoting a new album. >>> the tyra banks weight controversy. tyra's remarkable revelations about her big weight loss. wait, isn't this the same tyra telling women accept the way you look and be proud of your body. >> kiss my fat ass! >> tonight the hot debate. is tyra being a hib cat. >>> jessica simpson's outrage over her sister being fired at mel rose place. jessica, could it be ashley is a bad actress? >>> tv's first provocative news show starts right now. >>> hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hello, everyone. i'm brooke anderson coming to you with the hollywood version. rihanna's tearful tell-all. >> i want you to forget everything since she was beaten by chris bowden and what heiss been going through. what we're going to show you will startle you. we've now since her first interview since that terrible night. rihanna holding nothing back and her pain and raw emotions and
Nov 9, 2009 2:40am EST
become just a tiresome chore for you? now introducing the nu-wave oven pro, changing the way america prepares its meals. this is an amazing new breakthrough in cooking technology. with the nu-wave oven pro, you can now prepare nutritious gourmet meals in a fraction of the time, even cook from frozen without defrosting. plus, cleanup is a snap after the meal. the nu-wave oven pro is not a microwave oven, but uses patented triple-combo cooking power-- conduction, convection and infrared power-- simultaneously, to prepare nutritious gourmet meals in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking. now you can broil, roast, grill, bake, barbecue, steam, dehydrate and even fry without all the fats and oils, in one appliance, right on your countertop. the nu-wave oven pro won the seal of approval from the cooking club of america, and it's recommended by the national health & wellness club. thanks to the nu-wave oven pro, cooking has become a breeze and can set you free. now you can have the time to enjoy all those activities that you didn't have time to enjoy before. with the nu-wave oven p
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
to chime in with one final question john mueller in the last panel claimed that america goes in search of monsters and over in place but perthe threats in a way that endangers american policy. we heard american policy makers talking about strategy. i do not think once we heard about domestic politics, into the discussion. i wonder if there is a link between those two in the sense -- john mueller did not go over this -- you have to go over domestic consensus. one thing that consumes america in the post-cold war is how to maintain the domestic consensus. it was central in the 1989 era when bush felt he had to keep nato ally to sustain that u.s. presence. the planning guidance at the end of bush, 41, there were talking about defense cuts but they strategy was to put a limit on those cuts so that would go down so low. after 9/11, how do you mobilize this country around the threat that this is a single attack? that may have been what it was. it is needed to mobilize the country to prevent these kind of things. is that the case? are you really discussing new strategy concessions? how will t
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 4:00pm EST
. a folks man for the taliban the mayor was targeted for interfering in our matter. >> gregg: america may be one step closer to most expansive overhaul of health care in more than 40 years thanks to the passage of the one trillion dollar house health care bill, but there are big steps before it becomes law. julie is live in washington. what happens next? >> it shifts to the senate. harry reid says he is waiting for official report on how much some of the options passed by the senate committees would cost and if the bill is to too expensive. it may differ in substantial ways, still in question is whether reid can get support for a public option of government health care option. so if a means tough work ahead when the two bodies get together in conference. >> gregg: the president got involved in the process in the house. he was there, on capitol hill. he was twisting arms. he is meeting people behind closed doors. do we expect him to do the same on the other side of the hill. >> reporter: oh, yeah, he was calling lawmakers. he went to capitol hill. i think we can expect some of the same. en
Nov 22, 2009 1:00pm EST
as the latest movie in the "twilight" series debuts across america. our i-reporters are sharing their movie reviews with us. hear what they have to say about "new moon." >>> we're getting late word that protests at california universities have taken a new turn as police clear out angry students who took over a campus building three days ago. but protests over rising fees don't show any signs of ending soon. >>> plus, the fight to pull people out of the ocean after a ferry packed with hundreds of passengers sinks. >>> and one step closer to health care reform. what's next on washington's agenda for that bill? thanks for joining us at hln. i'm holly firfer. we start on the campus of the university of california santa cruz, where that student takeover of the campus building has ended peacefully. about 70 students avoided arrest when they surrendered ker hall. the students had taken over the administration building three nights ago after the regents board approved a 32% increase in fees. a school spokesman says campus police presented the protesters with an ultimatum, vacate the building or fac
Nov 9, 2009 10:00am EST
: rihanna told her horrific story to diane sawyer earlier tonight on abc's "2020." "good morning america" showed portion of the interview early this morning. >> listening to her voice, it was shaking at times. you knew how painful it was for her to recount this. >> reporter: the a-list couple were attending pre-grammy parties. but things took a violent turn. the two were driving in brown's rented lamborghini when rihanna says she saw a text message that a woman had sent chris brown. >> i couldn't take that he kept lying to me, he couldn't take that i wouldn't drop it. it escalated in him being violent towards me. and it was ugly. >> reporter: ugly is an understatement. police documents say that during the argument, brown punched rihanna, shoved her head against window, bit her, placed her in a headlock and told her, quote, now i'm really going to kill you. >> he had no, no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. my next option was to get out of the car and walk, start walking in a gown and a bloody face. >> reporter: rihanna was
Nov 26, 2009 9:00pm EST
as secession from the union and military defense of the confederate states of america was necessary to achieve that goal. these are all reasonable assumptions. they have been made by historians for generations. but let's also assume that the raid on harpers ferry was the last we ever heard of john brown. let's assume that he was shot and killed during the fighting in harpers ferry as he nearly was. or wenched by the mob that was hungering for vengeance after he was captured. as he nearly was. or the governor wise that convened a court-martial and condemned him to death within hours of his capture. wise said wanted to do that very thing that derive in harpers ferry to late. let's assume in other words there was no trial in charles town, no magistrate court, no indictment, no jury, no appeal to the supreme court of appeals in richmond. if that had been the case brown would never have had an opportunity to address the court. he could not have made the statements quoted over and over in newspaper reports. reprinted in newspapers all over the united states and later celebrated by emerson and others
Nov 21, 2009 6:00am EST
the bill is not good for america or any of us in congress or those standing for re-election. >> reporter: another democratic senator who hasn't announced her vote is mary landrieu. she's working with staff, going through the 2000 plus page health care bill. one thing she'll find is this, a sweetener they found to help persuade her. $100 million in medicaid assistance. still struggling from katrina. she's concerned about the cost of the party's health care bill. still, she seems to be leaning toward voting for starting debate. it's why democratic leadership sources are going from cautious to confidence that they will get the 60 votes needed to start debate. richard and betty. >> there's wrinkles buried in the senate bill. it's a 5% tax on cosmetic surgeries. it includes botox and breast implants. it's a discriminatory tax for women and cosmetic procedures. they say it will bring in $6 billion in ten years. >> it's the day after oprah winfrey's announcement she's moving on. people are shocked her show is coming to an end. >> so many people identify with her. her syndicated show, september
FOX News
Nov 26, 2009 9:00am EST
tomorrow on "america's newsroom." the shuttle unhooks from the space station yesterday after dropping of spare parts. the crew will check over their flight systems this morning and then settled down to is giving these in space. they say they are making do with what ever they can find in the pantry. beef brisket, chicken fajitas, sweet and sour pork. jamie: check out that view. come on home, we will see you tomorrow morning. firefighters have now gained the upper hand on a wind-driven wildfire in california. that is good news because fire crews are staying alert in case the santa ana winds whipped the flames back to life. take a look at these pictures. the fire breaking on tuesday night near a toll road in anaheim. that forced the california highway patrol to close many roads. right now is 90% contained. full containment is expected. kelly: this is a fox news alert. the swiss justice ministry says it will release roman polanski on they'll come under house arrest. he has paid a $4.5 million bail. his wife is pleased that he is being released. it does not affect the ministry of decision
Nov 23, 2009 7:00pm EST
activit isslowed it's nowhereear the negative growth in america and europe. >> lehrer: and jeffrey brow presents images of e great epression through the lens o photographer dorothelange. >she developed an derstanding that you would have much more wer in the photograp because she features people. major funding for t newshour with jim lehrer is proved by: >> what theorld needs now is energy. the energy tget the economy humming again. the energto tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energcame from an ener company? everday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ide-- seeking, teaching, buding. fueling growth arod the world to mo us all ahead. this is the power of han energy. chevron. >> e are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. >> andy wells fargo advisors. together, we'll go fa bnsf railway. a by toyota. and monsanto. the national sence foundation. supporting educati and search across all fields of science and engeering. and with the ongoing supportf these institutns and foundation and... this program was ma possible by the corporation r public broadcasting. and bcontributions
Nov 5, 2009 9:00am EST
. >> yes. >> let's take a quick look at your report. >> hello, america. i'm your super sassy weather girl sammy reporting live from my papa's beautiful and bubbly backyard in tulsa, oklahoma. winds are blowing 200 miles per hour! >> up next, some of the competitors for "today's kid reporter" -- >> why do you think you should be "today's kid reporter"? >> it's exciting. i love reporting stuff and i think i'm really outgoing and i think "today" show kid reporter did that. >> more than 20,000 of you voted. so, now, here it is. time to announce the winner. the drum roll for the winner is 11-year-old fifth grader from tulsa, oklahoma, sammy isler! >> i'm really excited. thank you. >> in fact, sammy, you got a congratulations from a famous actress, is that right? >> yes. >> who was it? >> it was -- >> kristin chenoweth? >> yes. she sent me a flower bouquet. she is my idol because i want to be on broadway. i love acting and i love singing. >> wow. >> and i'm reading a book on her right now, her book "a little bit wicked," and she's just amazing. and i was so surprised. i mean, a famous person se
Nov 15, 2009 5:00am EST
world leaders that america is still an economic player. >> 1 news sunday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few patches of fog and here there. temperatures are solidly in the 50's around the region, a few suburban
Nov 16, 2009 12:30am EST
over here we have debby and eddie. in the '50s they were known as america's sweethearts. those of you that are younger, all three of you, and you can't, you know, you can't relate to any of this, try to think of it this way. think of eddie as brad pitt, debby as jennifer aniston, and elizabeth as angelina jolie. does that help? >> that's the very funny carrie fisher in a scene from her hit broadway show "wishful drinking." this week i talked to the former princess leia about her life and loves and took time out for a call from a special guest. >> hello, there. >> hi, mom. >> hello, darling daughter. >> so, debbie, you've seen the play, right? >> i've seen it about seven times. it's great. >> so is there anything in there you can relate to or that you would say -- >> i would just say that she should have put everything in then it would have really been an overnight sensation. >> what did she leave out? what did you leave out? >> mom? oh, yeah, there's stuff -- >> why are you looking up? do you think she's god? >> because she's god. >> debbie is god. >> i hear the voice from up there. >
Nov 7, 2009 10:00am EST
hope everybody in america who has a toyota or a lexus made between 2004 a2010 h checked to see if you're vehicle is one of the ones affected by one of the oddest recalls of all time. 4 million vehicles approximately recalled because the driver floor mat could cause you to be in an accident and possibly even cause a fatal wreck. it's weird, isn't it? and the remedy, so simple. you pull out the floor mat on the driver's side and you let your carpet get dirty in the car. but most recalls aren't so simple as that. the shocker, though, that is most of the time even when there's a recall involving serious safety stuff, people don't respond, don't take their cars or trucks to the dealer. i want you to take care of it especially if it's steering, break, something like that. there's a website you can learn what's go on with your car,, check it out. i'm clark howard, check me out at >> for more ways to save more, spend less, avoid getting ripped off, don't miss the "clark howard show" noon eastern here on hln. >>> it was a dirty job, but a 33-year-old mystery
FOX News
Nov 28, 2009 7:00am EST
stores didn't fare as well? we'll ask the founder and ceo of america's group. nice to see you. look being at the lease. did it appear there were more crowds yesterday than last year? what are you seeing? our numbers said this year 37 percent of the consumers shopped on black friday compared to 33 percent last year. we saw on friday morning, more shoppers came out early to get the deals. because there was bargain driven consumers and last year best deals on big ticket items were all black friday. they brought out millions of people this morning. >> fred. clayton brought along. the zhu zhu hampster. >> i am told that is a hot selling item of the year and that's why clayton has it. he is a big zhu zhu fan. what other items were people looking for. >> be careful when adults play with one of those let me tell you. the big items this crist - christmas were flat panel tv sets. although retailers only had a dozen or so in their stores. computers continue to be a hot item. the video game industry hasn't had a great year. there was a lot of video games that sold well and some of the apparel categor
Nov 20, 2009 6:00am EST
's just another way america runs on dunkin'. the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we are talking about food. one of our favorite subjects. >> we have some problem spots. nothing major, but delays in the west side, 8 miles an hour. this is due to an earlier disabled vehicle for all lanes are open at frederik. 795 down to edmonds and is the area. back river neck road is closed at hamburg. northbound 29, there's a disabled vehicle at the parkway. the west side had delays that will be there for awhile. >> sunshine with temperatures at 63 degrees this afternoon. 60 on saturday. the ravens game on sunday night will have a thick clouds, but it will stay dry it with a high near 55. the rain will stay away until monday. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> good luck, ravens. wbal
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